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Friday, July 25, 2008

Uneetee: Mysterious Painter

4 pennies earned

Oooh. Here's a shirt we haven't yet had a chance to feature on SoS. Unfortunately, we're not quite sure what we're supposed to be looking for/at with this tee. While the concept of paint-splattered hand extending from the darkness and smudging the imaginary fourth wall is kind of interesting, Wanamas Meevasana's artistry here appears a little too eighties CG for our tastes.

But it's yours for $10 today if you want it...

4 pennies earned:

Mings said...

Ok, am I the only one seeing a severed hand bleeding all over this shirt?

Thomas said...

I kind of like this one. It's strange, but the concept is neat.

cheezisyum21 said...

i kinda like this shirt, in a weird, quirky, original way. i like the colors...however, this design seems kind of basic [for lack of a better word], like anyone could've made it.

StrangeDaze said...

I like the concept for this but not the execution or colors.

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