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Monday, July 14, 2008

Uneetee: Showdown

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This week's winner and $12 tee seems like a real belly flop from where we're sitting. Sure this t-shirt's got some cool-looking Asian warriors massively printed across your chest and it looks like the print location is excellently placed, but this design suffers from poor "artistic direction."

Mark Y.'s warriors somehow manage to demonstrate wooden stances even amid the overabundance of eye-distracting water-oriented background/foreground imagery. Perhaps if you know how to do that alternating pec-flex thing, you can bring this battle to life.

The thing that also makes this debut less than appealing is that it's actually a double whammy -- there are two versions of this teeshirt. And thanks to the poor picture choice, we can't quite figure out the difference between the silver version (pictured) and the white Showdown. Any ideas?
If the whole warrior motif isn't necessarily working for you either, you could always pick up Martin Hall's Birds or Plane for $10 today.

You get the title, right? It looks like it's a plane flying in the air, but the plane is really made up of a flock of birds so the person who's looking at it can't quite tell if its birds or (a) plane. Maybe if Mr. Hall had called it Birds or a Plane we wouldn't have to keep explaining the title to people.

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