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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uneetee: Thunder!

11 pennies earned

T-shirts with anthropomorphic qualities can be truly hit or miss -- alright, so everything with t-shirts can be hit or miss -- aaanywaaaay, Budi Satria Kwan's little cloud that tooted is a pretty solid hit as long as you're willing to offer viewers a little time to get the punchline.

11 pennies earned:

Kevin said...

Haha! This is fantastic! To think meteorologists spend so much time studying the weather when it really comes down to something as simple as this.

Mings said...

The cloud is so cute, if i didn't already have too many shirts, I would get it...

justin said...

lol that is awesome - got a good laugh out of it. So stuipid and simple its funny :)

Thomas said...

Budi Satria Kwan = bomb

Not in a terroristic sense, but more like the metaphor. Like if I were to say "Budi Satria Kwan is the cheese," I wouldn't literally mean it as in a dairy product.

Unless Budi Satria Kwan is a dairy product. In which case, though most people would enjoy his stuff, the lactose intolerant T-shirt population might be offended that they couldn't consume him.

Of course, when I say consume, I don't literally mean as in to eat, but to wear.

Unless Budi Satria Kwan was into cannibalism, and the whole Bible verse thing that says "No greater love has a man than this, that he would lay down his life for a friend." In which case, he would most likely be okay with it.

So I digress and say that Budi Satria Kwan is the Cannibalistic Dairy Bomb.

StrangeDaze said...

Do you mean he's "the bomb" or he's a bomb? Or?
Just trying to understand the above reference.

Inre Budi Satria Kwan, he's a pretty awesome t-shirt designer. I have more than a couple of his designs.

Mings said...


That is probably the most epic post i've ever seen on any site. All the lulz are belong to Thomas

Eden said...

Yes...Thomas is definitely the supreme commander of all lulz on the Internet!

Eden said...

IBSK does make some great designs. We've always been especially partial to his Stupid Cupid Threadless shirt.

Thomas said...

Much appreciated. :)

StrangeDaze said...

Thanks Eden, hadn't seen the Stupid Cupid one. Hilarious! More fuel for my t-shirt addiction. I wish he'd design more for Woot. Nobody's Child was a great shirt.

As to Thomas' post, sorry, I just couldn't tell if you liked his work or not :D cause bomb and "the bomb" are so different (at least to me)

Thomas said...

Oh, it was bomb as in "the bomb". Sorry for not being clear.

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