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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woots Shirts: How The Moon Was Won

9 pennies earned

Sometimes you just have to see something a little more clearly to really get what's going on. At first glance, the design this teeshirt looked a lot more like a space station than something that had to do with the title...and then we saw the knife...and then we saw the missle...and then we understood the title.

It's odd, though, that Saman Bemel-Benrud decide to include so many non-weaponized extensions in the mix.

9 pennies earned:

Adder_XYU said...

I love all the details... it's incredibly fun to look at and decipher... but as a shirt, and especially with the shape of the graphic, I can't feel it. It's too busy for the medium, and while the discovery game is fun on screen, it would be less so when people stared at my chest.

Still, totally fun to just look at.

Thomas said...

Is the orange guy... peeing on the other one?

cheezisyum21 said...

WAYYYY too busy.
it's a shirt that you have to stare at for a while to understand what's going on [well, not 'a while', but enough that would make you feel uncomfortable if you were wearing it and someone was staring at your chest]

StrangeDaze said...

I really don't like the color scheme on this shirt. It's also kind of hectic. I do, however, like the shirt this artist has up on DBH.

Eden said...

"Is the orange guy... peeing on the other one?"

That would explain all those bubbles. You space, no one can make a stream.

I was able to find his Threadless shirt (a very different style), but not the DBH design.

Thomas said...

Makes sense to me.

...sick. Who wants to wear a shirt covered in robo-urine?

Mings said...

It seem like there are a lot of shirts on Woot that look like this lately. See: Rood n Wit, and Lost in Translation

StrangeDaze said...

Eden, this is the one I was referring to. It's up for voting not buying though.

Adder_XYU said...


It seems like when woot goes artsy, they definitely like the big, busy pattern print. What makes this different to me is that there are shirts like Rood En Wit and Complex Simplicity, which seem to be pattern for its own sake, and others like Lost In Translation or Delicious which seem to be large scale collages without a definitive theme. What I appreciate about this that I don't appreciate about the others is this melds both worlds, but also gives an underlying action. It's definitely pattern based, it's definitely collage based, but the finished project becomes an abstract that some dull vector brushes could never do justice to... this is more of a classic abstract... there's more than meets the eye here, and every element in the clutter feels like it was added in to shape that story, unlike most similar designs that seem to be planned only for placement. Whether it is a shirt remains to be seen, but this would have been a prime candidate for a print, Threadless style... the more I look, the more I like, even if wearability is questionable.

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