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Monday, August 11, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: Going Bananas

3 pennies earned

A prime example of when a t-shirt can pretty much be summed up completely in the two-word title alone -- and a t-shirt writer's efforts to somehow add extraneous verbiage to the description to ensure she reaches her required word count.

Yet another Editors' Choice Derby Fave, this one courtesy of soothedbyrainfall.

3 pennies earned:

Adder_XYU said...

Sometimes, a shirt should be able to speak entirely for itself. while this is not for me, it's definitely an easy to appreciate joke shirt, and far better done than the layered-type brethren that dominated the text-art derby

whatever ones opinion, tho, I'm ecstatic for a second week of ed choices, and doubly so knowing that there will be four do overs a year now. Which, so long as we don't get another pixel thriller or doubleshot of dsladek, should be amazing.

cheezisyum21 said...

i don't really like this one...and i didn't like the countless other ones on the derby page that were similar to this one with things shaped like cows and hamburgers, with words written in them.

They are too literal for me.

auggie24 said...

I did like the pi pie. I thought there were several entries in that one that took a little brainpower to put together... Now the current derby (55b), I can't see myself voting or buying any of them. It is horrendous. Almost as bad as the slogan derby.

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