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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: The Nation in my Head is Inside my Mouth.

5 pennies earned

As much as this is an incredibly odd t-shirt design that would be difficult for us to recommend, we appreciate edgarrmcherly's effort to spread the word about proper oral care. Seriously people, keep your teach healthy and you'll live a long and (likely) happy life.

5 pennies earned:

Mings said...

Cute, I like it. Could have been printed larger though. It'll be hard to read in that size

StrangeDaze said...

I have been an edgarrmcherly fan for such a long time. I think he is extremely underrated and that his overall body of work is amazing.
In this derby, there were 9 of edgar's entries. Some were fantastic and really showed his unique whimsical imagination and detail.
Because of this, it makes no sense to me why Woot chose this one. Are they tying to please the dentists, hygienists and tooth/dental fanatics?
Woot consistently baffles me.
Having said that, I fully support edgar and think he's brilliant. Though this shirt may not be the best representation of that, I may still buy it and really hope he submits to other sites like teefury and others.
His detailed style and lovely quirkiness is my cuppa tee.

Thomas said...

Keep your teach healthy?

Eden said...

Oh yeah. If you disregard your teach, you're totally out of luck...didn't you learn anything in school?


Thomas said...

I don't usually take care of my teach's health though.

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