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Thursday, August 7, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: Sweet Dreams Are Made of These...

2 pennies earned

Alright, so at first you see this t-shirt and you think to yourself, "cupcake branches? Oh my!"

Then you take a step back and realize that picking this shirt as a an Editor's Choice Derby Fave really highlights an aspect of the Shirt.Woot ethos that you have to respect, if not agree with. Unlike most of their competitors, they're willing to print a shirt that appeals to a demographic far removed from their general customer. Often, this leads to big flops...but that doesn't stop Shirt.Woot from putting it out there.

Sometimes you just need a primary colorful black shirt in your dresser -- and sometimes you don't.

2 pennies earned:

Kevin said...

Personally, I LOVE this shirt. I really like the vivid colors and the creative concept. It's a shirt I'd be happy to wear.

Eden said...

Happy to hear that this one works for you. I just don't feel like I could pull it off with a straight face, but I tend to be more earthy and less outre in my color choices.

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