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Friday, August 15, 2008

$10 Uneetee: Fugitive

2 pennies earned

We're starting to get the feeling that the utility bill hasn't been paid in a while at Uneetee Central. This week they've pulled out a mystery shirt and some of their heaviest hitters; and today's no exception with our favorite of the Loy-designed shirts (see Accident Prawn, Mr. File Attachment Got Dumped, 40 Winks, and Traffic Jam).

2 pennies earned:

Kevin said...

LOL! This is really funny. It had never occurred to me to look at my keyboard in terms of cops and robbers, but this is really amusing!

Eden said...

You're just trying to fill up the entire sidebar with your name, aren't you Kevin?

This is one of the best visually punny shirts we've ever seen. Truly a great concept.

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