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Thursday, August 14, 2008

$10 Uneetee: The Robotanist

6 pennies earned

How lucky can we be? A mystery shirt followed by Mycology and now ed pincombe's Robotanist on sale for $10.

6 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

Hey all! Can someone explain this shirt to me because I like the design and the colors but just am not exactly sure and I might buy it if I know :D.

PS: Please answer while it's still $10 if possible ;-)

Eden said...

I like this description from compete-tee-tion:

"It's an awesome design with a lot of sci-fi flair. Like the cover of an especially well-crafted comic book, the robot works to fight his way through a hazy mass of carnivorous plants."

StrangeDaze said...

Thanks Eden, do you know what the yellow stuff is? That's the part I'm confused by.

Eden said...

The yellow stuff looks like the robot's super-awesome futuristic light laser attack thingy. It doesn't appear to be too different from the uni-beam projector in Iron Man's chest (in the comics).

StrangeDaze said...

Thanks! Either that or projectile vomiting. J/k.
I like the plants; they remind me of Little Shop of Horrors. I think it's a buy for me.

Eden said...

Some very positive commentary on StrangeDaze's experience with the Robotanist.

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