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Monday, August 4, 2008

$12 Uneetee: Genesis

5 pennies earned

This would be a fine design if it were put out by a very small boutique shirt printer and not Uneetee, from whom we've come to expect quality. It's nice to see Matthew Tabor's art take up so much of the t-shirt canvas, but we can't help but get the feeling this drawing is only half-done.

You can get this tee in a Silver Edition as well, but we're not positive how that effects the print as the online image isn't very forthcoming with details.As Uneetee is so kind to give us options, we would prefer to exercise our freedom of choice and order Tan Wei Hau's joyous Get Away From The City, featured for the first time today as a $10 t-shirt deal. You just have to be prepared to sweat a lot in the chestal region with all that heavy ink weighing you down.

5 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

I'm confused about this shirt's winning. It really looks like a sketch... not to mention.... birds!trees! Yeesh!

Now, contrasting that with It Began From Sketch from them which is one of my favorite shirts, well, to me, there is no comparison.

Mings said...

I really don't like this shirt, there really isn't much in this shirt that's interesting or cool to look at. It's a bit of a non-starter with me...

cheezisyum21 said... just doesn't look complete.
it seems like it's missing something, maybe some color at least. that's something that i like about uneetee's designs, is that they're usually pretty colorful

DDog said...

The trees, birds, and roots make up the head and shoulders of a person, with their face tilted slightly up and to the right (looking at the shirt). If you can't see it, that's part of why it looks unfinished or sketchy. It's not a great rendition of nature anatomy, but you're missing the point if you don't see it.

Eden said...

Definitely "not a great rendition anatomy" if all of us missed it. Even with your explanation, I still can't make it out.

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