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Thursday, August 21, 2008

$9 TeeFury: Daydreamer

3 pennies earned

Psychics, butteflies, wings, unicorns and a rose. Considering the subject matter, today's tshirt, by Mitohapa, is surprisingly well-suited for both female and male wearers. A powerful shirt that almost, but doesn't, suffer under the burden of visual clutter.

3 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

love it

Mings said...

It's nice, good use of a royal blue blank, design is reminiscent of some good ones at Uneetee and DbH. Keep up the good work Fury!

StrangeDaze said...

Have been watching Mitohapa's designs at the Woot derbies - she's amazingly talented. This shirt is so beautiful I had to buy it even with my TF fit issues. I tried a size smaller this time. I love her flowing style, detail and elegance.
Besides, I have money saved from not buying Shirt woots lately and with the element derby I won't be buying any anytime soon. Still disappointed Sokowa's octopus did not place. But, nah, I'm not bitter. ;-)

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