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Monday, August 11, 2008

Auggie24 - 7th Sad Rat Race Winner

4 pennies earned

What's that we hear? The crowd roaring in approval of Auggie24's recent competition-crushing Sad Rat Race win? No, wait, they're booing because Auggie24, who only made an appearance on the SoS scene for the first time on June 10th has been winning schwag from us all summer long starting with a $25 Threadless gift certificate, followed by a Vintage Vantage beer coozie, then a shirt of his choice from several select retailers and now this...two shirts of his choice from the eminently generous Rethink Clothing?

What's that? They're not booing at Auggie24 but at Boredterry, the man to beat if you want first place. Boredterry has racked up an unimaginable three Sad Rat second-place finishes in a row, preceded by his lone win! We might have to think up a whole new prize for this demonstration of consistency. In the meantime, we're sure you'll appreciate a shirt of your choice from Rethink Clothing, sponsors of the seventh Sad Rat Race.

Maybe the crowd is booing because we weren't going to give turtlespeeds2 anything for his (her?) third place finish with a paltry three Sad Rats. Tell you what, though...we haven't been able to shake the last person we gave $3 cash (via paypal) for getting third place -- yes, we're looking at you auggie24 -- and that's gotta be a good thing, right? Just for getting two wins in the beginning of the contest and showing up again near the end to remind us that you're alive and kicking, we're happy to send you $3 for being such a good sport.

If all winners could please contact us with valid e-mail addresses via the Shirt.Woot forum --to ensure there aren't any issues with identity theft-- we'll let you know what the whole deal is with your prizes.

Everyone else, there's no point in being bad sports about've as much a chance of winning as auggie24, boredterry or turtlespeeds2-- as long as you're willing to enter. Why not join us in saying "congratulations to all!!" while formulating your plan to win the next Sad Rat Race, beginning tonight?

an YOU win the next contest with a 1st place prize of two Vintage Vantage t-shirts of your choice?

1. auggie24 16 Rats
2. boredterry 12 Rats
3. turtlespeeds2 3 Rats
4. ShirtsonSale 1 Rat

4 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

eden wrote: I don't know how couth it is to pat yourself on the back for a job well done ;)

Hey, I never said good job to the winner, I only said congrats to the finishers. How is that being uncouth?

Eden said...

True that. Well, maybe it was plenty couth (that doesn't even seem like a real word at this point), but somehow inelegant(?) I really just wanted to have the opportunity to congratulate you all myself first.

Sorry for the bad blood.

auggie24 said...

How can there be an uncouth if there isn't a couth?

I appreciate the freebies, and hope that my contributions are witty and fun. I just miss the opportunity to put in something interesting/funny with the entries, now that there is no need to link to the friends sales pages.

plus, when did I get important enough to capitalize my name? I'm honored (and blushing!).

Eden said...

You know...a capital here, lowercase there -- not quite sure what you'd prefer so sometimes we let the grammar goblins lead the rush and other times we have to reign them in.

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