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Monday, August 4, 2008

Mediocore Clothing: Awesome 20% off Coupon

4 pennies earned

You want to know what's totally awesome about the Mediocore Clothing 20% off sale on now through the 8th? Well, it's just awesome that the coupon code is awesome -- literally -- because we truly believe that awesome one of the awesomest words.

It's slightly less than awesome that they only have three shirts...and only one of them could honestly call itself awesome as it stares at it's awesome-self in the mirror. Do you know which one?

And can someone explain why neon green shades are practically half sold-out while the other colors (neon yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink -- a veritable rainbow of colos) don't seem to have sold a single pair?

4 pennies earned:

cheezisyum21 said...

the shark week shirt would've been better last week...
i don't really understand the turtle shirt...

Jon said...

Use the code "AWESOME" at checkout to get the 20% discount

Jon said...

The Missing Turtle shirt has to do with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mings said...

Viva la similarity?

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