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Friday, August 1, 2008

TeeFury: Death and Taxes

3 pennies earned

You know how sometimes you need the title of a tshirt to understand the underlying meaning? Well this tee is the exact opposite. The title doesn't do the image any justice.

Shawn Conn has here created the single best visual metaphor for the decline of the US economy we've seen to date, on or off the shirt canvas. If you look closely enough, or just check out the detail view, you can see the brain scan flatline across the top of this skull.

If you like skulls, distressed designs and are rooting for or scared about the rapid fall of the US dollar, its definitely worth your dwindling-value $9.

3 pennies earned:

auggie24 said...

Eh, DOA for me. I think this will cause too many people to stare at the wearer. Some wise-acre will probably duly note that GW died a couple of hundred years ago.

Mings said...

It really does take you a second to see the skull, which kind of defeats the purpose

Eden said...

I kind of like the fact that the skull is there and not there...although it jumped out at me right away.

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