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Saturday, August 2, 2008

TeeFury: Jellybot

5 pennies earned

Absolutely beautiful imagery here by the_jcw -- but that doesn't mean it belongs on a shirt, even if it's only $11 shipped.

That being said, I did just picked up the artist's Golden Guardian for only $12.60 +shipping from Design By Humans (after using our 10% off DBH coupon) before voting up a few other submissions and coming back here to finish a very mildly tardy post.

5 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

I really dig the simplicity and the placement of this design. Golden Guardian's pretty sweet too.

Mings said...

OMG!!!! This was my request over at Fury, I started the forum thread to get this printed! Woot!

StrangeDaze said...

Well, thanks, Mings, 'cause I bought it. I love the prices there and the art.

Question for Eden, if you read this comment by chance, I saw over at TF you posted about sizes. How do TF shirts compare sizewise to AA?

Eden said...

This is an unwashed versus washed comparison, but the TeeFury shirt (men's medium) is most outsized in the sleeves. The width should probably be comparable after a wash, but the TF shirt also has a longer body barrel.

It looked really big when it came out of the package, but laying one on top of the other it looks decidedly less ginormous.

StrangeDaze said...

I always buy a size up for AA but now I'm a bit worried as I bought the same size at TF, though, then again, I hate shirts that are tight in the chest. I am hesitant about buying again until I see the TF shirt (which I'm sure will be a while). Thanks, Eden.

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