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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ten Bills: $5 T-shirts For Everyone

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Ten Bills offered this deal for Wooters yesterday, so we figured you probably already saw that -- possibly through our new Shirt.Woot side deal tracker under "Shirt.Woot Tools" in our utility box in the top right over there-- and there was no reason for us to rehash that amazing discount bonananza. But then they opened up the 50% off sale (that's only $5 a shirt!) throughout the weekend for all comers and we would have felt remise had we failed to even mention this remarkable event -- by definition, it has to be remarked upon.

T-shirt quantities are running out fast, so shop on by if you haven't been for a while and see if there's a great $5 shirt or three for you. Just enter the coupon code PREORDER for your 50% discount.

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