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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Uneetee: Camouflage

3 pennies earned

It's animal tee day at Uneetee. Choose either Daniel Gilbert's t-shirt that graphically details how a zebra's stripes could ever act as a reasonable camouflage (pictured below, obviously) for $10 or consider Loy's Accident Prawn (not pictured, obviously) for only $12 as today is your last chance to catch this presale.

3 pennies earned:

Mings said...

I really like this, it's a smart idea and really well executed. Uneetee really does have some good stuff, too bad they couldn't charge less.

Anonymous said...

Kevin said...

I find this shirt really amusing. The whole zebra/bar code thing never gets old. I also found the setting of the picture to be really creative and clever. It definitely adds to my overall enjoyment of the shirt. This is a great example of 'staging' the photo to make your shirt look more appealing. Two thumbs up!

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