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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Wondermark Goodsery: $10 T-shirts

4 pennies earned

Contrary to yesterday's comic (archived here, jic), The Wondermark Goodsery would really like you to continue "buying so much worthless crap," as long as it's theirs. While the quantities are limited, the selection is rather nice. And now through August 20th you can get all their old-stock t-shirts on sale for $10.

We recommend you check out their wares, especially if you're into a little geekery and/or unicycles. The Ninja Tricycle shirt below happens to be an amalgam of the two, but most of their other tees tend to stick to one area of interest or the other.

4 pennies earned:

Mings said...

Um Eden, that's a unicycle I think.

It seems like most of their shirts rely on pretty old memes, ninja, "The revolution will not be televised", etc. They're good, just not memorable.

Eden said...

Fixed...must have been the twelfth shot of tequila that made one wheel look like three.

Mings said...

Only twelve, I usually start having that happen at 8 or 9.

StrangeDaze said...


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