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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: If Only There Was An Obvious Name...

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In deference to your enviable powers of rhetoric, we're just going to let you handle this one Shirt.Woot:

We’re Already Looking Into A Toy Licensing Deal

It was supposed to be a simple worldwide boy band tour. The Kids From The New Block and The Interstate Boys, together at last. A million uteri synching as one in adoration. Tickets sold out in less than a minute.

But then, tragedy. The plane went down over Egypt. Trapped in the desert, Ronnie and Dan used their knowledge of geography to lead their friends through the desert. When the sandstorm got too rough, they ran towards the ancient pyramid that appeared as though by magic! Inside, the singers found a glowing blue crystal. When Dustin touched it, it released a strange energy that turned them all into powerful beasts.

The Wolf with his cunning! The Gorilla with his ferocity! The Lion with his charm! The T-Rex with his intimidation! The Lesser Wooded Vole with his steady supply of plague fleas! These powers and more went to the young singers, who instantly pledged to use them for good since they were already rich and had tons of women.

Now the tour continues, and fans everywhere line up again and again. But any time the evil of Dr. Von Pussycat and the Army Of Puppykeets show their adorable paws, the singers spring into action… as ROAR!

This shirt was designed by: Mathjis Vissers a.k.a. Dementedhero

(and thanks for the following -- not necessary but appreciated --)
Don’t wear this shirt: if you think it makes you a wild creature and somehow gives you the right to go to a website we are joking around with and start posting “w00t ownz u” and “u suxorz n ihop u die”. We appreciate the brand loyalty but please, be nice to our interneighbors. And IHOP.

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