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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: Mr. Spork

2 pennies earned

Darn. While today's t-shirt is only going to appeal to a fairly limited market, we just happen to be absolute suckers for almost every niche Rob Glenn is targeting here. First off, you appeal to our obvious geek with the Star Trek reference; add to that another geek-ism, a love of sporks, and you're two for two. On top of that we're huge fans of mashups --sometimes a song sounds 10x better when it's wearing another song's clothes -- and punny stuff: hit and hit.

Now if only we could figure out when we'd wear this one in public. You'd have to make sure you have a wingman around at all times to keep an eye out for people with "kick me" signs......and thank you for the linklove yesterday, Woot, even if your anonymous hordes weren't well equipped with a voluminous lexicon.

2 pennies earned:

Eden said...

Live long and spork!

Ryan said...

... shouldn't all four of his fingers be up?

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