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Monday, September 22, 2008

$10 Woot Shirt: BRB

1 penny earned

This boxy bale of brilliant beasts by Christian San Jose is too busy and bizarre for our chests. But we know we're not the ultimate arbiters of taste (or "whiny"...thank you very much Shirt.Woot ;) -- just ask the ebullient eatyourkix:

i've been out of the country and such for a few months now...glad to make my first back-in-the-states-woot-purchase a dank one.

and it's great when lots of wooters hate on a shirt that i love because that means that i'll be less likely to run into someone wearing it! thanks for this awesome print

1 penny earned:

auggie24 said...

Verbal slapdown on you guys here.

Plus what's up with Anonymous there. I think s/he has some unresolved freudian angst issues...

As for this shirt? What a weird, colorful shirt. I won't buy it, but I probably wouldn't mind it in a random offering. I guess that's my way of saying it's worth 2/3 the price they are offering it at...

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