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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

$12 The Ryde: Free Spirit

1 penny earned

It is kind of neat to see the leaves fly up into the air to become birds. And the generally-trite center placement is offset by those same birds...

...not a bad deal to get this tee for $12 with the coupon girlsfreespiritday today only -- as long as you're free spirited enough to broadcast your "free spirit" nature across your chest -- it might be smarter to opt for the lemon t-shirt in case people with access to water get any stupid ideas.

1 penny earned:

spastastic said...

This is one of the first tees from The Ryde that actually caught my eye, but the 'free spirit' sort of kills it for me since no free spirit really feels the need to define oneself with the title free spirit and then advertise it on a t-shirt to the world. So it's no surprise that The Ryde will still not grab any of my dollars.

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