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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Donkeyshines: 15% off Coupon Code

1 penny earned

I apologize in advance if these posts are a little more curt than our usual. It just seems like when it rains (savings in the t-shirt world), it pours. Just appreciate the fact that it means less between you and these great sales and coupons.

Donkeyshines, the self-proclaimed "land of clever yet subtle t-shirts," has a coupon for 15% off their moderately expensive t-shirts. Just enter happy98 at checkout to get your savings. No word on when this expires, but hopefully they'll stop by and give us a heads up. (update: Ryan has stopped by to say this coupon is valid until the 21st.)

These kids get weirder, and probably a touch less subtle, with every new shirt they put out. Just check out one typical example, below:

1 penny earned:

Ryan said...

Hello all, this is Ryan from Donkeyshines! Figured I'd stop by and let you know that the happy98 coupon is good through this Sunday, September 21! See our Donkeyblog for more info. Enjoy your Tuesday...

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