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Friday, September 26, 2008

I-MANIFEST: $10 Closing Sale

2 pennies earned

Who would think that we'd be lamenting the loss of two t-shirt printers within the span of a few days? If we have to write about another, the boutique t-shirt world will starting to look feel a little too much like the American bank and financial world. I-MANIFEST is the latest t-shirt designer to fall under the weight of overzealous screen-printery, it seems. As a consolation to those who shed a tear for another fallen comrade, it's nice to know that all their wares are now on sale for only $10.

Unfortunately, some of their better stuff is already sold out, including a piece that looks oddly similar to the current finalist for the $10,000 Design By Humans contest, Black Hole Sun -- but it's still worth your time to see if you can find something right for you in the remains.

2 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

I guarantee you the Eclipse shirt came out long before the Black Hold Sun shirt...not that it matters.

Eden said...

There's no doubt about it. I was just pointing out the similarity and had no intention of suggesting that either shirt was plagiarized.

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