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Friday, September 19, 2008

Soho Tuna: Clearance Sale and 20% Off Coupon

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We canna quite put our finger on 't, but th' first round o' tees from Soho Tuna jus' t'ain't quite "thar" yet. Perhaps 't has somethin' t' do wi' th' fore an' center placement o' almost ever' design, a surprise considerin' the'r t-shirts be all hand-printed, givin' th' designer much greater artistic license. Perhaps they's spent too much time on th' packaging an' nay enough on th' product.

None o' the'r shirts be "bad" per say -- some o' the'r designs be logo tees an' others be havin' a pleasant distressed look t' them -- all o' the'r t-shirts be on sale now (£8-£12) in preparation fer th' new fall/winter line. An' now ye can also get 20% off wi' th' coupon SEPTSALE at checkout.

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