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Monday, September 15, 2008

Xijar - 8th Sad Rat Race Winner!

1 penny earned

You know...we get a little warm place in that central region of our upper bodily cavity (most people call it a chest) when we see a complete unknown rise through the ranks of the Sad Rats of the world to become champion -- and happy prize winner -- of our community-friendly contest held in the Shirt.Woot forums. Xijar, a previous unknown in these parts, can now proudly state that (s)he is the very first Sad Rat to take a second-place win and turn it into first-place winnings. Although this was no Doug Henning-style illusioncraft, the legitimate first-place contest was ineligible as consequence of winning last month, it still is a feat worth celebrating -- with two Vintage Vantage t-shirts of her (or his) choice.

Don't worry, we won't forget you, auggie24, who vigilantly maintained the standings and took an illegal second-month-in-a-row win. Although you aren't in a position to offer out prizes, there's no way we could top your lovely prose in announcing the winners of this month's race:

Due to the "Winners Can't Win Twice in a Row" rule, this race is done, with only the stragglers jockeying for position. Newcomer Xijar has run away from the competition, securing his win with 12 rats. Perennial maid of honor boredterry has been relegated only to bridesmaid status in third place this time (sorry for the female analogy...). boredterry squeaks in on the last day to secure a tie for third with brash aznkuo.

Thanks for playing awards go to:
~and newcomer~

Saddest rat of all comes in for ShirtsonSale for attempting to circumvent their own rules on this matter...
Unfortunately for boredterry and aznkuo, who have already won several wonderful prizes recently from our happy collective, we're not offering a third-place prize this time around (unless you can somehow figure out how to hold a fair virtual game of "rock, paper, scissors" -- but auggie24 won't be walking away empty-handed. You, our friend, will soon be the proud owner of a Vintage Vantage shirt of your own to have and hold, love and cuddle (as long as your significant other doesn't mind).

If all winners could please contact us with valid e-mail addresses via the Shirt.Woot forum --to ensure there aren't any issues with identity theft-- we'll let you know what the whole deal is with your prizes.

And if you weren't a winner this time, don't despair. There's always another race and another winner...

Can YOU win the next contest with a 1st place prize of a $25 Threadless gift certificate to use as you see fit?

1. Xijar 12 Rats
2. auggie24 13 Rats (as per the rules, unable to win 1st place this time around)
3. boredterry 3 Rats
3. aznkuo 3 Rats
5. AdderXYU 1 Rat
5. aripolsky 1 Rat (thanks for playing...give these other old timers the "what for"!)

Just for the record...we knew that our entry in the contest wasn't valid, but someone had to get the Sad Rat out there for the Shirt.Woot masses -- you didn't have to be so hard about it auggie24 :)

1 penny earned:

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Don't be jealous!

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