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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

$10 Shirt.Woot: Existential Threads

5 pennies earned

What can we say about Max Estes' design that hasn't been said before?

I do not.
Whoa half of a floating guy.
Thanks, woot, for saving me so much money recently that I can do something smart with it, like spend it in Vegas tomorrow.

doublemhi already bought one!!!! holy carp!!! I didn't expect to see sales on this shirt for a record time.
Has there been a shirt more Lamorz than this one?
Actually, JCamp4321, we would posit that either Skatetown - the lowest selling Shirt.Woot of all time - or Sk8scape - our least favorite Shirt.Woot of all time - takes the cake for "Lamorz" - above even the ultimate cop-out, Green Space.

5 pennies earned:

Ryan said...

To be honest, I still think Green Space was a half-decent sale, considering the brand of AA shirt they were selling usually costs $15 + tax/ship from AA.. plus sometimes you just want to feel comfortable without a design all up on your shirt.

But, to be fair, it should've been like $7.99 or something, though $10 is still a good deal.

Eden said...

I agree about it being a decent value for a green AA shirt, but it was the ultimate cop-out.

StrangeDaze said...

Still, though, this looks like a bad Shoebox greeting card.

Eden said...

Good call!

auggie24 said...

I love me my Greenspace. Quit hating on it. Comfy, goes well with some rather green shirts I have, and has the label that tells me not to wear it as a pair of pants. What's not to love?

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