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Saturday, October 11, 2008

$10 Woot Shirts: Can You Spell BRAAAINS!

1 penny earned

Remember, the point of this Derby was to turn your artwork into words somehow -- and dsladek has crafted an exceptionally timely, niche-friendly and subtle entry very worthy of its second-place finish.

You know, I'm probably going to regret not picking this on up as I have for pretty much every shirt dsladek has created for Shirt.Woot -- but I'm just not much of an undead chest-banner sort of person.

1 penny earned:

Adder said...

After the designer's last shirt, which resulted in quite a debacle once pictures started rolling in, I think this'll be a "wait til you see it" endeavor also, especially since this, like the last, has a lot of subtle colors against the shirt template.

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