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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

$12 The Ryde: Wave Slider

1 penny earned

Hee Nalu is the word for surfer in Hawaiian. Surfing originated in Hawaii as the sport of the kings. Stay royal with our tribute to surfing's roots.

Today only get Wave Slider for only $12 from The Ryde’s Daily InsaniTee! To get your discount just type in this coupon code at checkout: wavesliderday (don’t forget you gotta have your size and color selected!!)

1 penny earned:

Eden said... We didn't quite realize it - until a moment too late - but this is actually just about our 1,500th post. That's a sh** ton of t-shirt sales, coupons and discounts.

Thank you for your support. SoS would be nothing without your input, patronage and sense of community. It may be an uphill battle from today forward, but we truly appreciate your willingness to come along for the ride...

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