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Monday, October 6, 2008

$12 Uneetee: Overgrown

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Oooooh...graaaasssy. Not to pile on the superlatives or anything today, but this has to be one of the most eco-riffic simple skull t-shirts we've come across. Letting the visage have some time in the sun amid a bunch of grass seeds and the necessary water and food is an ingenious way to bring this braincase back to life. And isn't "braincase" just the absolute best way to describe an animal's head?

Although the t-shirt may look lacking in content when not placed against the excellent backdrop in the below picture, Jack Malster has created an interesting riff on the skull motif.Do you think Uneetee is intentionally pushing a recycling/enviro theme today? While you can get the above shirt for $12 all week long, you can only get this piece by Loy on sale for $10 today. We would say it's pro-environment, except for the fact that it promotes lazy recycling -- the person who threw that sad little piece of paper in the recycling bin didn't even take the time to remove the paperclip...what a jerk!

What are your thoughts?
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