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Thursday, October 9, 2008

$9 TeeFury: Circuit

3 pennies earned

We like how tolagunestro has illustrated Paul MacLean's triune brain theory by utilizing three distinct colors or layers in this ciruit cortex to represent the replitilan, limbic and neocortex parts of the brain.

The weird thing about the very standard center chest placement of this image is that the brain could almost look like an x-ray of your lungs or the chest beam of Iron Man's armor.

3 pennies earned:

StrangeDaze said...

For a second there, I thought Woot had lowered its already great price, but, isn't that the TeeFury shirt?

Eden said...

Gosh, that's two time in as many weeks...I must be getting old.

While we're on the subject, how do you feel about having the price at the start of the title?

StrangeDaze said...

Personally, I'm not crazy about the placement (looks a bit awkward to me), but I do feel the price should be prominent. I guess that doesn't really answer your question though.

What are your thoughts?
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