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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

$9 TeeFury: Furyous Omnibus

0 pennies earned

This is worth collecting for posterity, even if just in digital form:

I'm not terribly sure what happened over the last 24 hours - Craig Watkins - aka Wotto suggested everyone create their own version of the teefury bird for our 100th tee, decided to post this in the forums, next thing we know Jimiyo has posted this on Emptees and before we know it, awesome renditions of the teefury bird come flying in from all over the place!

This Tee represents our 100th Tee since TeeFury started in July. Thank you to all the artists who contributed to this amazing collab (in less than 24 hours no less!) and a big thank you to everyone who participates at everyday.

Please check out this high res version of the tee to fully appreciate all the great work that went into this project! What a great way to celebreate our 100th Tee!

Chris Koelle consulted with us on color choice and gave some great art direction in the final hour (thank you Chris!)

1. Aaron Gilmore
2. Adam Burton
3. AJ Dimaructo
4. Alan Bernard Yong
5. Alex Davy
6. Aliadonty
7. Alicique W.
8. Andrew Miller
9. Angel Bahiia
10. April Patrick
11. April Sharp
12. Astrid Granados
13. Brandon Spahn
14. Brennan Schloo
15. Cash
16. Chris Koelle
17. Craig Watkins
18. David Van Buskirk
19. Derek Filley
20. Drew Hoffman
22. M. Brady Clark
23. Gregorius Lush Heinrich
24. Hannah Bear
25. J3Conceprts
26. Jamie Marshall
27. Jason Pursian
28. JB Panos
29. Jeremy Anderson
30. Jimiyo
31. Jimmy Bryant
32. Joe Baron
33. Jon Turner
34. Jonathen Hanson
35. Josh Earcut
36. peppersagooddog
37. Kris Stepp
38. Kyle Thompson
39. Laura W.
40. Lucas Alcantara
41. Martyn Castens
42. Matei Liviu
43. Mathijs Vissers
44. Matt G.
45. Maxime Francout
46. Mike Karlos
47. Mitch Stewart
48. MJ
49. Patch
50. Recycledwax
51. RikkiB
52. Robbie Lee
53. Sean Husbands
54. Shawn Conn
55. Sheyra Keley
56. Sokowa
57. Stephen Go aka "DUBA"
58. Sven Palmowski
59. Tasha Chapman
60. Bryce Driesenga
61. bluchez
62. Ameee
63. Joe Angelillo
64. Jaden Kale
65. The JCW
66. Tom Burns
67. Tyler Co
68. Victor Moral
69. Yvonne Gonzalez
70. Zack Davenport
71. Warholbot
72. Ian Taylor

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