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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

boredterry Sad Rat Race Champion #9!

0 pennies earned

There's been some speculation among the contestants that boredterry powered to a solid win -- doubling his nearest competitor's score -- because he was sick and tired of being a perpetual bridesmaid and decided it was his time to be the bride. Can you believe that, ever since taking first place in the 3rd Sad Rat Race, bt has placed in every successive race but never won again until today?

Well, bt, you've certainly shown us all how to rock the contest with aplomb. We're sure you'll enjoy the $25 Threadless gift certificate that is heading your way - just spend it judiciously in these thrifty times -- or go hog-wild and let the kids figure out how to pay for their own college.

Newcomer on the scene, snake201, was positive he would take first place this time around...but didn't quite realize how fierce the competition can be (nor how unreliable the Woot servers can get when flooded with late night bargain-hunters). Fortunately, after a little mewling, he was able to get boredterry to lay on the brakes and let the second place contenders duke it out for "bridesmaid" status. For your tenacious attempts to topple the masters, and as encouragement to keep you in next month's competition, we're happy to present you with a $10 gift certificate for Wooshka, the Threadless johnny-come-lately from down under.

You know, I think we're going to stick with this wedding metaphor for a while, or until I forget that that's what we're doing. Hopefully auggie24 won't be insulted when we refer to him as the ring bearer of this little party -- coming in third place with five Sad Rats and earning himself a friendly little $5 Amazon gift card.

If you weren't a winner this time, don't despair. There's always another race and another winner...

Can YOU win the next contest with a 1st place prize of two Shirt.Woot shirts of your choice?

1. boredterry 12 Rats
2. snake201 6 Rats
3. auggie24 5 Rats
4. Xijar 4 Rats
5. mewlink64 1 Rat
5. AdderXYU 1 Rat
5. rommels 1 Rat

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