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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Disturbia Clothing: 10% Off Coupon

1 penny earned

Swinging the pendulum a bit, here's an offer that will be more appealing to our British-based shirt buyers -- Disturbia Clothing is offering 10% off their t-shirt with the coupon NK1NST now through midnight Monday. Whereas the prior-mentioned retailer, Chocosho, exudes class and refinement, Disturbia lives up to their name with loud busy shirts that almost seem to scream at passersby. And it seems like the mens' and womens' items don't distinguish by gender when it comes to unsetteling imagery.

Don't forget, they offer free shipping to all UK-based addresses.

1 penny earned:

auggie24 said...

I think I would have too many psych bills to pay for my children's ruined childhood if I wore the above shirt...

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