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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Disturbia Clothing: 15% Off Through Halloween

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It wasn't so long ago that we sent you over the pond to UK-based Disturbia Clothing for a 10% off coupon. Apparently, this global money crisis has been detrimental for t-shirt retailers regardless of location. We've just gotten word that:

During this time of financial meltdown, economic apocalypse and general impending doom, we would like to offer your readership 15% off all of our products until midnight on Halloween. Just add the code in the cart.
If that coupon doesn't work for you, feel free to use the standard coupon for those silly non-SoS-reading-schlubs: HALLOWEEN -- and don't forget that UK residents get free shipping. With a name like Disturbia, you can expect some blood, gore and zombies that may be just perfect for the spooky season:

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