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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fuzzy Ink: $9.95 Series One Tees

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You might remember Fuzzy Ink as the mustache-teeshirt-guys...and you'd be right. Even their most recent designs, which feature the hairy upper lip just slightly less, still betray a die-hard focus on the power of the 'stache. Now, though, they've also added belt buckles, buttons and fake mustache's to their offerings.

If you liked their intial design run when Fuzzy Ink first opened, but felt they were too expensive to pick up at the time, perhaps now is a good opportunity for you to revisit their wares to see if they haven't lost their luster in the interval. Now through we're not exactly sure when (what is up with these retailers not giving up the details on promotion expirations?) you can get any of the six first generation shirts on sale for only $9.95 -- as well as whatever other goodies they decide to throw in your bag at the same time.

And don't forget to use the 10% off coupon -- available via our expiration-free coupon page -- to save even more on your FI purchase.

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