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Friday, October 10, 2008

Geek Bouteek and Code Creations Coupons

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Code Creations, which ostensibly stands for "Casual Organic Designer Eco-wear," already offers a $3 off coupon in our expiration-free coupons listings -- but they've decided to one-up themselves with another yearlong coupon for 15% off every purchase. Just enter the coupon AMBER to get your discount.

As you can tell by their name, these kids specialize in 100% organic cotton tees, k-9 shirts, baby clothes, night shirts, and more. Not only that, but "25% of profits benefit companion and farm animal welfare, rescue and adoption organizations" as well. Like Threadless, designs are created and voted upon by the community at large, so feel free to get involved and see that the t-shirt you want gets printed so you can take full advantage of this discount.Recently added to our t-shirt coupons page is relative newcomer to the nerdy t-shirt scene, Geek Bouteek. Although they don't have an extensive product set yet, all your favorite dorky humor standards are here including references to Atari, Star Wars, math, Dungeons and Dragons and -- it goes without saying -- the wearer's geekyness.

With our new Geek Bouteek coupon you can save 10% off any order. Just enter the code ONSALE at checkout. And if you can't remember that code in the future, you can always stop by the above-mentioned tshirt coupons page for the 411.

If you do buy a shirt, don't forget that GB offers customers a $5 gift certificate if you send in a picture of yourself wearing their wares.

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