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Monday, October 6, 2008

heavytees: $10 T-shirt Sale - 24 Hours Only!

1 penny earned

Look at what just came down the tubes, tons of $10 t-shirts at Heavy Tees for the next 24 hours only. We were going to try to select a few emblematic examples of their work, but it is too difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Just be prepared for lots of collage, street-inspired imagery and cat-influenced patternery.

Heavy Tees offers up a modern-classic style, trying to mine the annals of history while putting their faith in their precognitive fashion sense. A quick look at their tshirts reveals that they're accomplishing this balancing act amazingly well. Of course, just because you're a precog, that doesn't make you omniscient. There's no doubt this style will only appeal to a smaller segment of the tshirt world.

1 penny earned:

Martin said...

The bastards don't ship to Australia, or any other country. Only within the USA.

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