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Thursday, October 9, 2008

MySoti: 20% Off Coupon

5 pennies earned

MySoti may have one of the most awkward names in the t-shirt industry -- and this is their second attempt after dropping the title Bountee. This cumbersome moniker, though, has a purpose. It stands for "Make Your Stuff on the Internet" -- but good luck selling that tongue-intensive phrase to the masses.

Anyway, in celebration of the debut of their new, expanded, website -- which now includes not only some truly beautifully designed t-shirts but also Giclee poster prints and full block canvas prints -- MySoti is offering some pretty great coupons on your order. Through some intrepid sleuthing, the best we were able to discover is 20% off your purchase with the coupon loveemptees. They say you can only use one coupon per customer and this deal will expire the 15th of October, so head over there and see if there's something you want to save 1/5 the price on -- then come back here when you get your purchase and let us know your thoughts on the quality of their handiwork...

5 pennies earned:

Johannes S said...

I've ordered two tees there and the quality is great, it looks way better then most of the shirts I got from Threadless. I was very happy to see that you can choose between Alstyle and AA shirts, since I don't like the AA fit. The print was very crispy too!

Eden said...

Thanks for the review Johannes.

StrangeDaze said...

Interesting! Also, good for them to have both AIstyle and AA. I love AA and hate the AIstyle shirts but it seems others feel opposite.
What kind of shirts does Threadless use and how do they run in comparison to AA (if someone doesn't mind answering). Thanks!

Eden said...

Currently, Threadless uses a proprietary shirt, which they're still in the process of going to 100% production on. Prior to that, and concurrently, they have used American Apparel and Fruit of the Loom.

You can see more information about their shirts here.

StrangeDaze said...

Thanks Eden! That helps so much!

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