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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oddity Clothing: 10% Grand Opening Coupon

6 pennies earned

We're always happy to welcome newcomers to the field of t-shirt design, especially when they try to distinguish themselves from the competition with designs that don't seem like they're "carbon copies of one another or just flat-out boring" (to borrow from the recent rant by) rather than crazy selling schemes or overzealous brand-recognition.

Oddity Clothing
, with their focus on quality products, hand-printed t-shirts and skin-friendly water-based inks, is just such a neophyte. Sure, they've got a simple text shirt in their opening salvo, but the reference to Cartman is priceless and unexpected alongside their more artistic work.

Fortunately, we were able to convince the OC crew to offer our readers a 10% coupon during their opening celebrations. Just use the code LAUNCH10 at checkout to get your discount. No word yet on when this one expires, but perhaps Andrew will stop by and let us know...

6 pennies earned:

Andrew said...

Thanks Eden. The LAUNCH10 10% off couple will be valid until Christmas so get some gifts everyone!

Anonymous said...

F*ck this new site. No XL sizes for guys?!? Guess us tall guys are left out. Way to alienate potential customers d'bags.

Andrew said...

Whoa.. Starting a brand new clothing line is very expensive. I'd love to be able to offer XL but it will have to be a little bit down the road. Not meant to offend.

Eden said...

Thanks for thinking of the children with a little Unnecessary Censorship, anonymous.

Looking on the bright side, Andrew, at least this means one prospective buyer was so enthralled with your work he felt passionately enough to come back just to gripe about tshirt unavailability.

funny t shirts said...

This is great. I love Oddity with all the crazy designs they seem to come up with the way they pay out to the artist who supply them with the designs. Great format. I really like your way of covering t shirts too. Very original in a watered down market. Big props to you.

Dutch Schultz

Eden said...

Do you mean "watered-down" or "saturated"?

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