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Friday, October 24, 2008

Soupcan Tees: $7 Coupon

1 penny earned

Just in case you're confused by the .au suffix on their address, Soupcan Tees is an organic cotton t-shirt purveyor from down under (Australia). This is an important fact to get out of the way up front for two reasons:

  1. We're not sure if they ship beyond Australia's borders ($6 shipping within the country, though)
  2. The Australian dollar sign is identical to the US dollar sign, but they are not of equivalent value.
Now that we've got that out of the way, it is definitely worth the minute it takes to view their wares as long as you either live in Australia or can get a friend to send you goods from the continent-country. They offer some funky t-shirts (from $30-$40) that run the gamut from artistic and colorful to simple yet fun pop-culture references. On top of that, they also sell at least two $10 t-shirts, trendy stubby holders (for $8) and wine coolers.

And now through the end of the year you can get $7 off your order when you use the coupon code ChickenSoup. Yes, that means you can get a stubby holder for only $1 plus shipping!

1 penny earned:

Campbell said...

Soupcan is an Australian site but we do ship to anywhere in the world. You will now find Postage rates for USA, Canada, Europe all in the shopping cart, for purchases up the 2kg..... which is more than enough T shirts.

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