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Friday, October 17, 2008

SplitReason: 15% Discount Coupon

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Although the discount isn't quite as steep as we'd like, there was no way we could miss the opportunity to rally behind this calamity-induced sale at SplitReason. If the world were really going to end, though, we would expect that the discounts on t-shirts would be much, much better than just the 15% off you can get with the coupon GONNADIE now through the 20th of October. We think the end of the world would herald more free things, like the free ice cream people got during the NYC balckout of 2003.

If the name SplitReason isn't ringing any bells, just remember that they're very similar to J!nx -- a t-shirt portal for geeks, nerds and gamers. Many of the tees deal with specific games like Halo, Mario and Grand Theft Auto. But that doesn't preclude them from putting out some pretty funny generic gamer tshirts like WWJDFTW (What would Jesus do for the win?).

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