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Monday, November 3, 2008

$12 Uneetee: Hummingbird

4 pennies earned

You know, when we first saw this t-shirt on Uneetee, as the $12 shirt debut of the week, we were positive it was a mistake as we'd seen it before. Only after conducting a quick search of our own site did we realize that this was previously for sale at TeeFury. Silly us! do you feel about the different placement decision at Uneetee?If'n you so desire -- and you're not a small-tshirt-wearing-female, you can also pick up Danr's popular and fall-friendly Music Tree on sale for only $10 today.

4 pennies earned:

Wayne said...

I like how the graphic is larger, but the lower placement just doesn't work as well with my gut. :)

blackarachnia said...

I love it, I just wish it came in more tee colors than white.

Adder said...

I think more importantly than the shirt having a different position (which looks just fine) this is an important development for former teefury designers... it means Uneetee, like Design By Humans, will accept TeeFury designs for their contest, and print them as well. While I've seen a couple past pieces on smaller sites (Oddica, for instance), this is the first teefury to find itself on one of the bigger contests, and I think it'll lead to more teefury artists trying their luck at uneetee after their daily deal.

Eden said...

Tried responding yesterday, but it looks like Blogger is having an embedded comment outage so we have to default to the tried and true popup comment method. bring up a great point Adder. This really sets TF apart from the other daily t-shirt sales site as one that is truly meant to launch designs and artists -- not just the latter.

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