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Monday, November 24, 2008

$12 Uneetee: The Predator (Black or White)

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Happy to see that Uneetee is stepping up the plate in an effort to compete with recent upstarts in the daily t-shirt sale arms race. Not only do you have two color options for today's tee, they also claim that each tee is going to be distinct from the next -- at least that's what we think "each shirt is uniquely printed" means.

At first we the black version of this design by Fouad won the competition hands down, but there's something appealing about the black on white print as well -- almost like the elevated visual impact of a black tattoo over one inked in color. Any assessments from the peanut gallery?

If you prefer your t-shirt animals spineless, you may or may not go for the $10 side-deal today. It probably depends on whether you think the jellyfish are shooting forth from the can or trying to open it themselves -- which would be pretty cheeky and requires at least a modicum of spine.

What are your thoughts?
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