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Friday, November 7, 2008

$9 TeeFury: Anchor of the Soul

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You may want to wear Jimiyo's explanation pinned to the back of this one -- you know...just in case people ask:

The anchor is the emblem of salvation, hope, and stability.

I personally like juxtaposing seemingly contradicting elements like an anchor with wings to weave a sense of hope in light of impossibility.

Even the All Seeing Eye crying tears of diamonds symbolizes a seeming contradiction, at least to me, that through pain and suffering we may come to understand the opposite: happiness, love, and joy.

Through our own pain, we learn the plight of all of mankind, that all persons suffer and toil, and through it, we can derive some unity, some understanding of each other, hopefully, to create in us a desire to be kind, to share, to foster growth in each other, to understand how to love, as when we are in pain, what better remedy is there than Love?

What are your thoughts?
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