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Sunday, November 2, 2008

$9 TeeFury: The Dead Bird

3 pennies earned

An interesting development tonight at TeeFury; apparently their initial shirt offering was pulled because the creator unintentionally ripped part of the design from David Bowie. While we don't have a copy of that shirt image, perhaps it will show up on the The Dead Bird later.

edit: it has. Here's the original Bowie design, followed by the TF rip.

In lieu of the first shirt, though, Tee Fury has done a good job of rolling with the punches by offering this dead bird t-shirt. The dead bird, you see, is usually used to indicate when a t-shirt is sold out -- something Layne says shouldn't happen in the future as they no longer artficially limit the number of t-shirts sold in one day.

3 pennies earned:

Chris Bistany said...

I don't see how they can call this "an unintentional rip of part of the design", it looks identical minus the japan-style text

Anonymous said...

both designs are based off a public domain image, the "artist" didn't know it had already been used by Bowie.

Rude Retro said...

Even if he didn't know it was used by Bowie I don't think it is good for Tee Fury that this happened. I think they definitely lost some cred here as we now know that some of their designs are simply slightly altered clip art. On their Web Site they said they were still on good terms with the "artist" but I wonder if they will ever accept designs from Shifty again.

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