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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

collarfree: 28% Off Everything Coupon

2 pennies earned

You know you're doing something right when your corporation has an ethos that has absolutely nothing to to do with money. While collarfree might be in it for the money, their corporate philosophy, as we were able to deduce from their name, is one we can get behind -- 100%! If the entire world were collar free, we imagine everyone just grooving along and taking the time to grok each other's perspective.

Had enough of our waxing poetic? Let's get down to the brass tacks. Right now we're telling you what we're going to tell you, then we're going to tell you about the new coupon, then we're going to tell you about collarfree, then we're going to tell you what we told you -- apparently that's how people who wear collars conduct such business.

As you can tell from the image below, it's Jimmy's 28th birthday and he's celebrating by giving us all 28% off everything from now through the 28th of November -- which is likely Jimmy's actual birthday as the coupon code is 28on28 (aren't we just Sherlockian?).
Now some faqs on this new collarless outfit:

Collar Free is an online retail and design community where independent artists submit design ideas to print on fashionable t-shirts. These ideas go into a competition...users determine which designs will go into production.

We are looking for graphic designers who want to design fashionable trendy t-shirts -- the type of shirts you see in a boutique selling for $40-100 (but they'll sell here for far less). No text tees, trashy slogans, or cartoons. Designers will be paid a $1-2 royalty for every shirt that sells.

Designs should be 1-8 colors and only on the front of the shirt (and) must be exclusive to our site.
Alright. So in case you missed it, Collar Free (don't blame us, they spell it both ways too!) is a lot like Threadless, but without the slogans and you can't print on the back. They've got a sale on through the 28th, 28% off with the coupon 28on28.

Told you what we'd tell you!

2 pennies earned:

Jimmy Hendricks said...

Thanks for the post, but one comment is we can print on the back now. We have done some designs that wrap around the side or over the shoulder. Here was a great shirt showing this.

Eden said...

It looked like that to me, but I was just quoting directly from the FAQ on your site.

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