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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Glarkware: $2, $5, $10 Shirts & Extra 10% Off

3 pennies earned

Under the guise of a "Big Big Winter-ish Sale" Glarkware is offering up a bunch of their tshirts, hoodies and kids' clothing on sale from only $2 to $15 from now through 11:59pm EST November 11th. That's right, if you act quick, you can get your own boobless calculator t-shirt on sale for only $ shipping, of course.

The best part, though, is that we've managed to source a 10% off coupon that works in conjunction with the sale, saving you even more on your humorous, if not sometimes trite, t-shirt purchase: winterish10 -- "enter this number in the discount area (on the summary page after you choose a shipping option) and be sure to hit recalculate before continuing checking out!"

If you've got a little extra moolah sitting around right now and haven't quite figured out what to get Aunt Betty for the holidays, why not consider getting her a $4.50 The Swordman tshirt (pictured below) and call it a day? She'll just love that you remembered her fondness for skeletons in sombreros.

3 pennies earned:

Anonymous said...

wow, thx for this tipp!!

Anonymous said...

US Shipping is insane - deal goes from great to mild

Eden said...

While just under $5 for shipping for a single shirt doesn't seem that bad compared to many other online shops, they need to scale the cost with the amount of shirts you order.

One shouldn't have to pay almost $10 just to get two shirts in the mail.

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