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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Negrete: Up to 50% Off

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It almost seems like we can chart the global economic decline by the severity of t-shirt sales as they jump from country to country. While we initially saw a surfeit of price-slashing sales stateside, it now looks like the t-shirt printers across the pond are getting in on the action.

Negrete doesn't point to the recession as the impetus behind their most recent sale, on for the next few weeks. They're planning to launch new designs and a new site soon and decided this would be a great time to take up to 50% off their current stock to help clear out the wearhouse (yes, we meant to spell it that way).

While consumers outside England might normally be put-off by shopping a British outfit due to shipping costs and valuation discrepancies, their free global shipping and the recent ascension of the US dollar may help mitigate those limitations.

If label-whoring isn't your thing, we highly recommend you view the detail-view of any shirt you consider as many of them contain reference to the brand.

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