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Friday, November 7, 2008

ShirtaDay: Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McCain

3 pennies earned

Oh SaD...You were so close. If only you used the McCain logo...

That probably would have helped distract people from the fact that the ever-prolific Anonymous totally called it.

3 pennies earned:

Adder said...

I love how S.A.D. is more concerned with snagging every last dollar they can make off a text shirt than developing any sort of identity. You can't be pro-obama and pro-mccain, and while I can understand why people would be cautious about taking political sides, to me this lack of actual identity is what really takes shirt-a-day from a mediocre slogan site to a normally abysmal slogan site.

Also, what happens if Obama gets into office and actually, yknow, improves things? Nice investment, this shirt would be. It'd be like a Dewey Defeats Truman paper. Then again, if people are out there who still think Bush did a good job, they probably will still have their opposite specs on throughout the Obama presidency.

Eden said...

I was thinking about that same issue (hopefully this shirt will prove unwearable) while writing about this tee. It's one thing to be forward thinking and ahead of the curve and another to be cynical and retrogressive.

While I don't take the same issue with their playing along the political spectrum, it would be nice if SaD were able to establish an individuality instead of stealing others' ideas and the biggest pop culture references.

RepublicanNutJob said...

Wow, get over it, its a joke. Since when did sites need to develop a political identity? If they think it will sell then they should be able to sell it.

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